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CEO’s Message

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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Kaitungwa

Chief Executive Officer

It has been said that the one and only constant in life is change. In business we are faced with change on a daily basis whether in the external market or internally, where we are constantly pressured to become more efficient and more effective by operating at the lowest possible cost but at the highest possible output. In our personal capacities we are driven to change for fear of falling behind or simply because circumstances have forced us into making the necessary changes to leap into a new season. Ultimately we have a choice to stay behind or to embrace the new opportunities that present themselves.

As leaders, our success or failure hinges upon how well we are able to facilitate change amongst our families, friends and acquaintances, our teams and our staff. This ability even extends to our clients and other stakeholders – if we are able to lead during a time of change, then we will set a new standard for others to follow. 

The Namibia Mineworkers Investment Holdings Company (NAM-MIC) (Pty) Ltd, an active local equity investor, has embraced this journey of change. As part of the first phase of an extensive journey to effect specific changes, Nam-MIC moved to new premises in 2015, launched of the 2015-19 corporate strategic planned embarked upon a brand development exercise.